I Want A Site Like

I Want A Site Like…

I hear this too often. People who are looking for a website to be built that mimics someone else’s site.

I get it! You like the look of another site and you like it so much that you want the same look and feel.
It’s why we have so many fast food restaurants that serve the same thing. McDonald’s came out with the burger, fries and soda model, accessible at a drive up window, and Burger King and Wendy’s followed suite. Today there are many fast food stops that mimic McDonald’s.

But think about this; the music industry seeks unique voices! Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston and Billy Idol all had one of a kind voices and that is what made them special and memorable for decades.

Websites should be unique and creative, and when we start copying other sites we have a world-wide web filled with boring information. What happened to being original and coming up with our own look and feel?

There is no need to select a theme or template that has that look, because a web developer can make a good theme look great and match your branding and style. Start with a mockup of the look and feel you want and then give the work to a skilled WordPress developer who will bring it to life.

If you need help bringing your project to the web with a unique look that is your own, contact us.


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