What’s in a Name?

Bill Gates; Tom Brady; Amelia Earhart; Paul McCartney. What do each of these names say? Success!

None of these individuals knew what the future held for them when they were born, but their names have become synonymous with their craft. Mention their names and people instantly know what they represent.

The name of your website speaks of your brand. If you are building a website for your company, your organization or your hobby, you will want to make sure that it speaks of who you are or what you do. The name Microsoft is well known because of it’s brand effectiveness. Think of the onset of microcomputers and software and chances are will find Microsoft in the mix.


So as you think about your website’s name, think of what brand you are promoting. If you are building a restaurant, your site name should say something about the type of restaurant you run. Think about your clients or those you plan to feed.

The name of your website will either match your business name, or communicate what you have to offer. Microsoft.com tells visitors that they are about computers and software. https://tb12sports.com speaks volumes about the athlete (Tom Brady) and his health and wellness business.

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