Why should I hire a web developer?

You might have asked the question; “why hire a web developer for my site”, when there are so many free tools to create it myself? This is a logical question, because we are so familiar with the expressions, “free is good” and “do it yourself”.


Imagine for a moment that you needed fresh-baked pies for two-hundred guests coming to a wedding.

You could go out and purchase all the ingredients, set aside the time to prepare them and then bake them. Considering that all two-hundred pies came out perfect, you would have to find a refrigerator large enough to store them. You would also need a mode of transport to get them to the event. Do you see where I am going with this?

In your business or profession, your valuable time is best spent on the activities where you are most skilled!

Web developers have spent time developing their craft, learning the tools of the trade and setting up an online presence for their own businesses, where you can see their abilities on display. If they have the skills and experience you seek for your website or project, why not asking them this question; why should i hire a web developer?

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